Best Toys for Toddlers 

Toy gift ideas for toddler


What are good toys for a 2 year old?


Creating these lists for each stage is one of my very favorite things to write about! 


It takes me down memory lane to when my children were both toddlers.


They are 3 and 6 now.


So, they are not very far from when they were toddlers. 


If I could go back in time, I’d so still purchase the toys we have now.


But, I would include some new ones.


I would also purchase some other fun ones that have been on my mind as my children have grown a bit more.


And I’m so so happy to share them with you!


This is so so exciting! Let’s jump right in. 


Just a little reminder: If your toddler has a younger/older sibling , you may want to check out gift ideas for 1 year olds, preschool and 5-6 year olds!



What kind of toys should Toddlers play with? 


Open ended toys!


Open ended toys are toys that sparks your child’s imagination to explore and create some epic scenes with the same set of toys over and over again. 


“So, you’re saying I can have one or two open ended toys and my child will be able to not only use them in one way but in many different types of ways”? 


Yes!! That is absolutely 100% correct!



Are toys good for toddlers?


Of course! But, the right ones. 


Some toys do not spark their imagination and creativeness and really aren’t played with ever again after the first or second meeting of toddler and toy. 


You want open ended toys. 


That’s why I am here to help. 


Trust me, I have been there before (we used to have a toy channel on YT) and I have seen it all – or close to it!



What is the best toy for 18 month old? What are the best toys for 2 year olds?


What are the best toys for toddlers?? 


I have compiled a list of the best toys for toddlers.


These toys are gender neutral and will work amazing for your child throughout the years (the best part!) 🙂


So let’s get into the the best toy gift ideas for 2 year olds AKA toddlers..



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What are the best educational toys for toddlers? 



Wooden Block Set

Wooden colored blocks will grow with your child throughout the years. They are wonderful open ended toys.



Animal Figures

What toddler doesn’t like animals? These are squishy and cute and so fun!



Educational Wooden Set

This one is perfect for toddlers and is a 4 in 1, which is amazing! This will most definitely grow with your toddler and provides a wonderful set of educational play. 



Blocks Set


Block sets are probably top 5 within this list. They are so open ended and can be pretty much anything your toddler’s imagination creates! They’re also great as your toddler grows. My 6 year old still uses her blocks. They’re fantastic!



Pretend Play Food Set


This one specifically is amazing! These are little tools little ones can use in sensory bins. This will entertain your toddler for quite some time (with supervision of course)! 



Busy Board

This is top 5 from this list! It is amazing, hands down! Your toddler will play with this for quite some time and come back to it as well. It is also beneficial in so many ways which is great!



Jumbo Blocks 


These jumbo blocks are a great way for toddlers to have fun while imaging up little creative ideas with them. 



Basic Educational Early Learning Toys


These educational early learning basics puzzles are wonderful for toddlers. They will grow with them as well which is awesome! + the letters, shapes numbers.. are great for sensory bins!



What are the best developmental toys for toddlers?



Animal Toys


Animal toys are very open ended toys. They are fantastic for many diy play ideas and work well for counting, learning about colors and so much more!



Wooden Rainbow


This is a wonderful open ended toy! My 3 and 6 year old love using these as bridges for their toy cars, in mirror play, to shout out the colors, as a house for their toy figures. It is a wonderful open ended toy that grows with them throughout the years to come. 



Toy Kitchen


I cannot say enough how much both my children have loved their toy kitchen. They still use theirs and play with it and it does not get old! 



Wooden Puzzles 


These are great open ended toys. The wooden puzzle pieces also work well with color matching and in learning about the animals they see. So fun!



Train set


This is one of those toys that are so good for growing with. My 6 year old still looks at a train set at the local toy store and wants it! Toddlers love it and it will grow with them. 



Painting Set 


This set includes it all! All of the items in this set will not be used once or twice. They will probably be used daily. The paper roll is great and can be used for so many fun educational setups too!



Dinosaur Toys


Can I get any Land Before Time mamas here? Yes, we love the show and research also shows that children who are exposed to dinosaur toys is a benefit as it is a great educational toy! 



Play Tent or Tunnel


There are some tunnels and play tents out there that are so fun for toddlers! When both my girls were toddlers, they played with them everyday!



Ball Pit


Along with the play tent and tunnel, we loved our ball pit! This one is perfect for toddlers and you’re toddler will probably be in here everyday too!



Ice cream shop


Ice cream is a big thing for toddlers. This little set is perfect to add their toy kitchen, or not. It works well as is and is a wonderful open ended toy that works well as is or as an educational toy. 



Magnetic Wood Dress Up Dolls


These are great little wooden toy pieces that help your toddler learn about the different types of clothing items. They have fun learning too!



Fine motor toys


This caterpillar is so fun and perfect for little toddlers. It also has multi colored gears. So fun!



Shapes Puzzle



So fun and useful and great for growing with. This shapes puzzle is so much fun and perfect for toddlers!



What are your favorite toys for Toddlers? 

All of the toys mentioned above work well for toddlers. I hope it helps you in knowing a little more about open ended toys.



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Toy gift ideas for toddler


Don’t forget: If your toddler has a younger/older sibling , you may want to check out gift ideas for 1 year olds, preschool and 5-6 year olds!

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