Best Toys for Preschoolers

Best Toys for preschool


What are the most popular toys for 3 year olds?


I absolutely love talking about toys for preschool! 


It is my most favorite thing ever. 


I have a preschooler myself, an educational printables subscription for my preschooler and I adore coming up with amazing play ideas for her along with rotating her play (toy room) room.  


The preschool years are just so, so fun! 


So, I’ve curated a list of some of our favorite toys along with some toys I’ve had my eye on that have wonderful reviews and that close friends have tried true and love! 



What do 3 year olds like to play with?


Play is so important for childhood. It helps your child explore and learn while imagining up little things. 


There are so many types of toys out there, but the ones that encourage and work well to spark their imagination and creativeness are – open ended toys


These are toys that are not battery operated, or full of lights and sprung up lit up buttons.


These will only work well for a day or two and won’t really help build and bring out their imagination and creative juices. 


Trust me, Ive been there twice already!


Just a little reminder: If your preschooler has a younger/older sibling , you may want to check out gift ideas for 1 year olds, toddlers and 5-6 year olds!



What should my 3 year old be doing?


Your preschooler would truly benefit from open ended toys that spark their imagination. 


Toys that work well to inspire and bring forth their natural creativeness and that can provide an educational experience. 


Open ended toys will not only be there for playing with, but they will also work for learning! 


I love saying this over and over again. It’s not only for playing but it works well for learning as well!


How amazing is that? A double doozy!



How do I keep my 3 year old busy?


With open ended toys.


Your child will be pretty busy playing while learning at the exact same time.


Open ended toys also grow with your children which is an absolute plus.


If you have already checked out the Best Toys for 1 year olds and the Best Toys for Toddlers, your in for a treat…


Most if not all of those same exact toys work well for preschoolers too!


How you ask?


Because they grow with your child.


My 6 year old still plays with the open ended toys my 3 year old plays with that are in their playroom right now! 


The same toys they had when they were 1 years old and 3 years old! 🙂


In fact, some of those toys, we have repurposed and used over and over again for building with, learning to count with, using added manipulatives with them and so much more!



So, here are the best toys for preschoolers


Remember, they are gender neutral toys. Both work well for “both” boys “and” girls. 


Here are the best toys for preschoolers: 


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Magnetic Tiles


I cannot tell you enough how much my preschooler plays with these. They are amazing and my 6 year old loves them too! These are open ended toys they will grow with for the years to come!



Alphabet Puzzles


These work well for learning about the alphabet. The puzzles usually come in different colored letter pieces which is a great color learning activity. You can also count the pieces. How is that for a fun learning toy for preschoolers?



Fine Motor Tools

These by Learning Resources are a staple in our home. We had another pair when 2 years ago and purchased another because they are that good! These are great for so many activities and perfect for practicing your preschoolers fine motor skills.



Color Sorting Set


This is a great little set that will work wonderful in pretend play, as an educational activity and is great for the years to come! 



Pattern Blocks


Pattern blocks work well in so many play ideas! They are also multi colored which teaches a  fun educational approach. Your preschooler can use their imagination to create something out of the blocks!



Play Silks


My preschooler loves dressing up. Shell grab a cape or silkie and make a princess dress or a head piece. Play Silks are great for sparking up your preschoolers imagination.



Magnetic Letters/Numbers


I can’t tell you enough how much we use these. These are perfect for a fun educational activity, sensory bin, for learning their name.. So open ended and will work well throughout the years too!



Way to Play Roads


These little roads are amazing! They are bendable which give them 5 stars in our home. They have been used in their playroom, in the bath tub’s wall, out and about.. Very open ended and 100% recommend by my preschooler. 



Kinetic Sand


This sand is truly magical. My girls love when I use it to create a small world play with their animal toys or ocean animals. Its amazing and very open ended play. 



Musical Toys


Preschoolers love music and some of them love to sing. It’s no wonder it is a wondergul  sensorial experience for your child. These are great and perfect to take out anytime or for on the go. 



Shape Pattern Blocks

Oh, these are so cool! They have different shaped blocks that create different patterns! Oh these are fun!



Sorting Bowls


These multi-colored bowls are a great way to use with any learning activity! Use them to collect Pom Poms, or sort colored toys. They are fantastic for preschoolers and the mama behind this shop is awesome!



Shape Color Sorting Eggs


This is an education open ended toy we don’t already own but let me tell you, some of my mama friends own this and it is raved about! It has so many benefits and is a great educational experience. 



Toy Kitchen Tools Set


These are amazing and perfect for preschoolers when they are playing with a sensory bin. It’s great for a toy kitchen or some pretend play fun!


Mud Kitchen


Mud kitchens are great messy fun for kids! Some fun ideas are mud sensory bins, collecting flowers for a fun sensory bin outdoors.

These will have your little one imagining up little ideas and concoctions up while getting creative!



Which open ended toy is your favorite?

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Best Toys for preschool


Don’t forget: If your preschooler has a younger/older sibling , you may want to check out gift ideas for 1 year olds, toddlers and 5-6 year olds!

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