Best Toys for One Year Olds

Toy gift ideas for 1 year old



Are you looking for the best toys for 1 year olds? 

I’ve created a massive list to help you in choosing some of the toys we love and currently own.


Now, my children aren’t 1 anymore, but we have been definitely been there before. 🙂


If I could go back in time, I’d choose some of the same toys we had and a whole bunch of other ones too! 


Back when my oldest was one (she is 6 now) we had a few battery operated toys.


They were great and satisfied her for a day or two. 


But then something started to happen. 


I’d see the battery operated toy at the corner of her playroom just sitting there all alone. 


Then, I’d take a look at her and she would be playing with a block set given to her during the holidays. 


Now, let me tell you: A lot more energy was put into that block set. 🙂



Just a little reminder: If your 1 year old has a sibling who is a tincy bit older, you may want to check out gift ideas for toddlers, preschool and 5-6 year olds!



How do I keep my 1 year old busy?

I started to research on sensory play and somehow came across open ended toys and how the senses are stimulated when children play with these toys. 


I had an idea! 


It was a brilliant idea. 


I would start purchasing open ended toys this holiday. 


Then, and only then I could get stuff done around the house as well! Which sounded amazing! 


And.. it worked! 



What does a 1 year old need? Why Open ended toys work so well…


Any open ended toy brought forth was played with for hours. Not kidding.. Hours! 


Open ended toys sparked my child’s imagination to explore and create whatever she imagined.



What is the best toys for 1 year olds? 

If you are asking yourself this question, “What do I buy a 1 year old?”


Don’t worry, I have compiled a big list of wonderful open ended toys that will work well for one year olds. 


And, the good thing about open ended toys is that your child will grow with them!


Isn’t that amazing? What a deal!


So, let’s get into the best toys for 1 year olds…


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Building Blocks


These are great! They are one of those toys that have great reviews, are an essential, and most importantly they are very open ended. 



Wooden Music Pounding Toy


A pounding toy that makes tunes is very favorable in a household for your one year old. It will last a very long time since it is wooden and is very educational in learning not only about music but colors too!



River Stones or blocks


These are great for working up a 1 year olds imagination and learning about colors! They will grow with your 1 year old most definitely. 



Stacking Rings


Stacking toys are wonderful little gems for one year olds. They allow for creativeness and imaginative play. They also are great for growing with your child!



Activity Cube


What’s great about an activity cube? It’s an all in one and will have your one year old playing for hours! It will also grow with your one year old for a few more years – which is awesome!



Wooden Puzzles


Puzzles of all different images are great for learning about the world around them. They are full of bright colors and this one is perfect as it is wooden and the pieces are large!



Walker and Blocks – 2 in 1


What’s better than a walker in an of itself? A walker with an educational block set! This is perfect for one year olds and will grow with them for a few more years. 



On the go Town

This is a wonderful toy that is made of very soft material. It is a little town that helps little ones explore and imagine little ideas. 



Push and Pull Toy 


These are so fun for one year olds! Don’t be surprised if he/she wants to take it everywhere they go. This elephant one is the cutest! 



Vehicle Toys

This little wooden vehicle set has a couple of different transportation vehicles and is one that will probably be used quite often. These work well with one year olds and are so much fun!



Best Toys for 1 year olds


Remember, the most important thing is that your little one is having fun with their toys. 


Open ended toys open up their imagination to explore and use those creative juices to learn as they grow! 


The right toys will most certainly always bring out these important little things! 



What is your favorite toy for 1 year olds?

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Toy gift ideas for 1 year old




Don’t forget: If your 1 year old has a sibling who is a tincy bit older, you may want to check out gift ideas for toddlers, preschool and 5-6 year olds!

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