Best Outdoor Toys for Kids Ages 1-8


Outdoor Toys for kids



If you are looking for the very best outdoor toys for kids, you are in the right place! 🙂 


From learning about what the best outdoor toys are to why outdoor play is so important for kids, I’ll be sharing some of these important ideas below. 


Toys for kids can look like a toy that grows with them and sparks their creativity! 


Kids outdoor play equipment can look like toys that don’t just come and go. 


Outdoor toys for children are meant to grow with your child and last many many days! 


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What are the best outdoor toys? 


With so many kids yard toys out there, how and which can you choose? 


Don’t worry! 


I am here to help. 🙂 


I like including toys that are open ended. 


Toys that allow your children to use their imagination and that spark creativity to create and that are fun and engaging! 


Children’s outdoor playground equipment is just as important as indoor play equipment for kids. 


Toddler outdoor toys can spark imagination and creativity and get them thinking and building. 


It also can allow for social skills to take place which is amazing! 🙂 


Toddler outdoor play equipment can look something like a simple sensory bin or a water table. 


I’ve some fun outdoor playsets for toddlers ideas I can’t wait for you to check out! 


outdoor toys for kids 1-8


Why is outdoor play important for toddlers? 


The importance of outdoor play will allow the child to learn to have fun and enjoy their outdoor environment. 


Much like cooking and how special it is to create and use your imagination to create an epic meal with love, outdoor play is sort of like this too. 


When you are outside in nature, it calms you, and allows you to see things in clearer vision.


Outside toddler toys are so important and are essentially a fun and open ended toy that can grow with them. 🙂 


I’ll share the very best toddler outdoor toys below this post! 


And, I’ll also be sharing them in different categories pertaining to their price tag. 


This will allow for an outdoor toddler playset or a preschool water table to be two of many ideas but if you’re looking to not break the bank, I’ve got you! 




Why is outdoor play important? 



It allows for the natural ingredients of sweat, exercise, breathing fresh air, team effort, learning to share and exploring the world around them. 


There are so many other benefits that go into the benefits of outdoor play such as the benefits of sunlight and the way light cues and hues “biological clock” affect us, vitamins and minerals, vision and social skills but we will most likely touch on that subject at a different time. 


For now, let’s get into outdoor kid activities and outdoor playing equipment. 🙂


the best outdoor toys for kids


What can I do with my one year old outside? 


There are many fun baby and toddler toys for outside. 


Some ideas are can be found here: 



Even though they are Easter basket ideas, there are a plethora of toys that can be used outdoors for 1 year olds and toddlers. 


Playground equipment toddlers can use will also be a great addition to encourage littles to use their imagination. 


This is not necessary, but if you are looking for outdoor toys, this will work as a catalyst in their exploring outdoors and can spruce up their play! 


Some ideas are garden children’s play equipment such as sensory bins and garden tools and gear specifically tailored to littles. 


I’ll share more on this below. 🙂


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What are appropriate toys for 3 year olds? 


Much like the outdoor play equipment mentioned above for 1 year old and toddlers, preschoolers can enjoy some of the same ideas as well. 


Children’s outdoor playhouse plastic houses are a nice backyard toy that will grow with your child. 


Outdoor and indoor preschool playground equipment  can allow for open ended play. 


For example, it can be a house, a kitchen, a toy room, a garden house… 


It can be tailored to your children’s imagination and help them explore their world around them while going back to their pretend outdoor home! 🙂


Are you looking for best toddler toy ideas?..


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How do you clean outdoor toys? 


All the outdoor toys we have used such as a wading table, our water tables, blow up pools, splash pads… have all been hosed down with the water hose once the play is done. 


This is a great way to get all of the grass stuck on them off and them squeaky clean. 


Then, we leave them to air and sun dry making sure all of the moisture and water is completely out. 


Store it once you are done and you are good to go! 




How do you store outdoor toys? 


Storing outdoor toys can go many ways. 


If you have a garage or an outdoor open area that is cool and airy, that will be your best bet! 


You don’t ever want any mold growing on items that have previously been wet. 


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So, How do you store water toys? 


It is best to follow the steps mentioned above, making sure all moisture and water is completely gone and then storing it in an area with lots of air such as a garage or outdoor closed screen, garden shed… is your best bet! 


So, let’s get into the very best toys for outside play, shall we?…


I’ve compiled this list by price range and by age. 


Although many of these toys will work for a differentiated set of ages. 


Here are some outdoor toys cheap and under $25: 

(This post contains affiliate links.)



outdoor toys for kids 1-8


Under $25 


Playground equipment for Toddlers


Gardening Set 










Bug Catcher


Toy Bus Car


Playground equipment for Preschoolers





Water Table


Bubble Set


Playground equipment for Kids


Beach Toys



Bubble Wands


Hoola Hoops


Giant Bubbles



Under $50


Toddler Outdoor Toys


Cozy Coupe– Find the Pink Cozy Coupe here for over $50




Pretend House Play


Pretend Sink


Preschool Outdoor Toys


Splash Pad


Trampoline with Handle


Outdoor Toys


Outdoor Toys for Kids


Cones and Rings



Walkie Talkie


Under $80



Outdoor Toys for Toddlers


Sand Pit



Tricycle for Kids


Toddler Trampoline 



Outdoor Toys for Preschool



Construction Sand Pit



Play Sand



Outdoor Toys for Kids



Ball Hoop



Play Tent Ball Pit




Over $100



Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers


Coupe Truck



Outdoor Play House



Best Outdoor Toys for Preschool and Kids



Ball Pit Balls



Outdoor/Indoor Ball Pit Inflatable Pool




Best Outdoor Toys for Kids



Bounce House




Play House


best outdoor toys for kids

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