Best Kool-Aid Playdough Recipe without Cream of Tartar


how to make KoolAid play dough recipe without cream of tartar


We love a good homemade playdough recipe.  My girls love that each time I make it its soft to the touch, silky, squishy and so much fun!


There are so many ways to go about making a simple playdough recipe. Check out this one we made using cream of tartar, Easy Playdough Recipe with Cream of Tartar


This playdough recipe is really super duper easy to make and contains ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen cupboard. The best part is that it does not include cream of tartar – just in case you did not own this one little ingredient. 


playdough 3 ingredients


How to make Kool Aid Play doh 


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Add your flour and salt into a bowl; Mix and set aside. 


Bulk play dohbest playdough recipeKool - aid playdough


Grab a second bowl, and add your water, oil and kool aid packet; Mix. 


Kool aide playdoughplaydough recipe


Combine both wet and dry ingredients together; Mix. 



Once thoroughly mixed, take the dough out and knead it until you form one big ball of playdough. 


kool-aid playdough


If you’d like to make bulk play doh, just double up the ingredients. Easy peasy. Enjoy!



No Cream of Tartar – Kool aid Playdough Video



Kool – Aid Playdough Activities for Kids


Playdough is a wonderful “toy” that can be used for a differentiated set of ages. It works well by itself or with manipulatives. Neat! 

no Cream of tartar playdough


It’s also a wonderful indoor activity especially on a rainy or snowy day. Add a touch of natural scent and your playdough will turn into something amazing! 


For example, make a pumpkin scented playdough and watch your child create pumpkins out of playdough or a pretend pumpkin patch.


Add some of your child’s toys within the playdough and watch them create something magical. For example, my daughter made a playdough dress on one of her princess dolls. 


There are so many different ways to go about playing and enjoying homemade playdough.


It is one of those open ended moldable toys that comes with so many benefits. 


Cool aid playdough


Play dough Storage Ideas


Believe it or not, it stores very well – we store ours for a little over 6 months. Or unless I start to notice it has hardened and formed a sort of dry playdough, then maybe that’s a sign that it’s a good time to throw it away! 


Great storage ideas would be in ziplock bags or a container. Remove the air within the storage bag/container and make sure it is shut tight.


This process will allow for a longer, maintained and well kept homemade playdough! 


Hope you give this playdough recipe a try! It’s sure to cause lots of fun and giggles! 


koolaid playdough



Will you give this Homemade Kool Aid Playdough a try? 

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how to make KoolAid play dough recipe without cream of tartar


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