Book Gift Ideas for Toddlers


best book gift guide for toddlers


Books are probably my most favorite gift of all to gift children on a holiday! 


They offer so much knowledge and light and teach children about a certain topic. 


For a toddler, they may see all the bright colors on the book and learn that colors come in many different spectrums.


They might see different emotions poured out into the book or a fun playground with a bright and sunny sun and grass green as spinach!


Books offer so much knowledge and learning and this is one of the many reasons I love gifting books! 



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What are the best books for 2 year olds?


Toddlers love to read. It’s definitely never too early to start introducing your toddler or baby to books!


Books that offer engaging, bright and colorful images are some of the many types of books that will engage your toddler. 


I especially love the ones that offer some sort of sensorial noise to them.


Like a crackling or a feel and touch the fur on the animal type toddler book! 


These really help spark your toddlers senses and imagination to explore and learn.



What books are good for toddlers?


There are a plethora of books that are wonderful for toddlers. 


Here are some of the ones we love and enjoy:


  • Books that are made of textured material 

  • Books that are made of cloth or felt 

  • Fold out book

  • Open and Close books

  • Books that are bright and colorful

  • “Spot the …” books

  • Books with sound

  • Farm books

  • Nursery rhyme books

  • Books about transportation

  • Books about nature

  • Books about farming

  • Books about animals

  • Books about early years science

  • “Where is the..” books


What other fun and engaging types of books can you think of that are wonderful for toddlers?



What are good 1 year old books?


Books that children will grow with, that spark creativity, learning and expression are all great factors in learning about the best books for 1 year olds. 


The books that  children will bring with them into adulthood, the ones that are fascinating and encourage them to love books are the ones that are good 1 year old books. 


Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one I have read and enjoyed throughout my childhood. Now, my children are reading this book and it is amazing to see!


So, let’s get into the best books for 1 year olds…


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What are the best books for a 1 and 2 year old?



The Very Hungry Caterpillar 

A classic book that is one your child will grow with. So fun to read through and so much to learn about the very hungry caterpillar!



Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? 

This book is a classic too! My girls still chant this book from time to time and it is surely one that will grow with your child. 



My Doctor’s Visit 

A wonderful book both you and your child can read before their next doctor’s visit for a calming and knowledgeable experience. 



Organic Chemistry for Babies 

How cute is this book? It incorporates chemistry in layman’s terms so you and your child learn about how the body works!



Dear Zoo 

A classic book! Learn about the animals. This is one that will grow with your child through the years to come.



Baby’s Very First Nursery Rhyme Book

Sound books such as these are great for children to listen to music while enjoying the pictures. A great overall holistic sensorial experience. 



Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site

We love this book! Set up a fun transportation sensory table for your kids along with this book! So much fun!



That’s not my llama 

The “That’s not my …” collection of books by Usborne are our favorite! They help children learn and explore their world by seeing all that’s within it. And, they are full touch and feel pages which is a plus!



Are you there little fox?

The “Are you there …” collection by Usborne is great! It offers pages with fold and open scenes and it wonderful for toddlers to peek through the flaps. 



The Rainbow Fish

This is a classic and tells a tale about sharing with others and being compassionate. 




A lovely book for toddlers about a bear and his button overalls. A classic indeed. 



I’m a Dirty Dinosaur 

This is one of Usborne books most popular children’s books for toddlers and a great one too! This dinosaur book is great!



Usborne’s Babies First Bus Book

Introducing books about transportation to toddlers is wonderful and a fun holiday gift for littles. 



Where’s Spot? 

These books were ones we always read when my 6 year old was younger. She loved them! So, many fun stories about a little dog name’s Spot. 



First 100 words

These books about the first 100 words are perfect for toddlers! Both my girls grew up with these and enjoyed pointing out the different things!



ABC’s of Biology

Learn about biology through the ABC’s. This is a wonderful book about science for toddlers!



Are you my mother?

Books in general by P.D. Eastman are really nice for toddlers. They are picture books and usually rhyme and contain riddles. So good. 



Who’s wearing a hat? Is it the orange cat? 

This is a nice collection of pick and choose what the answer is books for your toddler. They grow with your child and that’s what I like about them!



Babies Very first Slide and See Farm 

Slide and See books are amazing for toddlers. They use their fingers to slide and see the different scenes within the book. This helps them with their pincer grasp fine motor skills too!



My Ball Book 

Squishy cotton books are great for little hands. This one offers a lot of colors and is great for learning about the different colors! 



I hope you enjoy these books and share them with your friends. 


We have loved and enjoyed them very much and would 100% recommend this list to our close friends and family and with you! 


Best Book Gift Ideas for Preschool


What other toddler books are you reading at the moment or has been on your mind, so we can check it out too?



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best book gift guide for toddlers

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