Book Gift Ideas for Preschool 


book gift guide for preschool



Have you checked out the book gift ideas recommended for toddlers?


My preschooler still enjoys those as much as any new ones mentioned in this post! 


In reality, my oldest (6 now) still enjoys looking through toddler and preschool aged books. I do too!


We love looking at the bright and colorful images and counting the repetitive characters that play out in certain books. 


For example, a toddler might enjoy learning: 


“Oh, is that soup?” or, “Look at that bird!” 


And a preschooler might enjoy learning:


“What colors make up the soup?” or “How many birds do you see?”


Both toddlers and preschoolers can truly benefit from the same book at their own level. 


*If you are looking for Toddler and Kindergarten Books for Kids, I’ve got a post on those too! Check them out here:



What books should preschoolers read?


Books that spark imagination, learning and creativity are the types of books that will ultimately have the best effect for preschoolers. 


Some of our favorite books spark a bit of curiosity and wonder! 


Books that stimulate children and engage them are the types of books we love checking out at the library or purchasing! 



What are the best books for 4 year olds?


Some of the many types of books that are great for 4 year olds are:


  • Pop up books

  • Wipe clean books 

  • Books that offer an experience

  • Non fiction

  • Books about letters

  • Books about numbers

  • Books about shapes

  • Books about colors

  • Nature books

  • Dinosaur books

  • Space books

  • Animal books

  • Night and Day books

  • Transportation books

  • Early Learning science books

  • Books that make sound

  • Books that peep inside

  • Books with games such as compare both sides

  • Books about feelings

  • Books about the body

  • “What is” Books

  • “How to” Books

  • “Why” Books

  •  List Books 

  • Potty training books



What other fun types of books can you think of for preschoolers?


So, let’s get into the best books for preschoolers..


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What are the best books for 3-4 year olds?


Three Little Kittens 

A classic book and one we love! This is one we always read over and over again!



The Random House Book of Poetry for Children

Poetry books about many different things are great and fun for preschoolers! We read this specific one at night! 



Why do we need a Potty?

Is your preschooler still learning about potty training? This book may help! Plus, it’s full of amazing illustrations!



Little Kids First Big Book of Why

Preschoolers love asking why A LOT, am I right? This book is great to look through and will help in answering some of those questions!



Peep Inside Books

Both my girls (3 and 6) enjoy these books. They offer amazing illustrations and open and close flaps for an overall great learning experience!



I Spy Everything

These books are great for little learners to engage in! I spy games are great for preschoolers. 



What are Germs?

I love this book because it teaches about germs in layman’s terms. It’s great for preschoolers and beyond!



Why does the Sun Shine?

The “Why does …” books from Usborne Books are incredible. 

They offer so much insight on why things are the way they are. Great for curious preschoolers!



llustrated Classics for Children

We have all the girls Illustrated Classics for Children Books by Usborne. We read them over and over again at night time!


They are perfect for preschoolers to grow with! Here is a great one for both genders!



Mouse Paint

Great book for learning about how colors mix together to create new colors!



Pete the Cat

Pete the cat is an overall great book for preschoolers. So much engaging learning involved! 



If you give a Mouse a Cookie

I first heard about this book at my oldest’ school. We baked cookies along with reading the book at her school. She enjoyed it very much! 



Mouse Shapes

This book is similar to Mouse Paint except it goes over the different shapes! Great for preschool children!



It’s Okay to Be Different

I love these types of books that inspire and encourage children to be positive and love themselves! Overall, great book for a preschool child! 



Green Eggs and Ham

A classic! This one will grow with your child! 



Harold and the Purple Crayon

This is a really cute book about a little boy and his purple crayon! Fun and engaging! 



I like Myself!

Another great book about learning to love yourself and to practice mindfulness. 



The Color Monster

Learn about colors with the color monster!



Dinosaur’s Colouring and Activity Book

Activity books are all the rage with preschoolers. This one is about dinosaurs which is awesome! 



Big Book of Colours

Learn about colours with the big book of colors! Amazing book!



Big Book of Numbers

This book is similar to the, “Big Book of Colours” but instead it is all about numbers. Preschoolers are learning all about numbers and this one is fun and engaging for them!



I hope you enjoyed this massive list of some of the current books we love and are enjoying with little miss 3 who is about to be 4.


Don’t forget to check out the best book lists for toddlers and the best book lists for kindergarteners!


If you love these book gift ideas, please do share them with your friends and family!


What books are you currently reading with your preschooler?



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book gift guide for preschool

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