Book Gift Ideas for Kindergarten


best book gift ideas for kindergarten


I really love books for kindergarteners. In fact, I was a homeschool mom for kindergarten year. 


I researched all of the amazing books my kindergartener, at the time, would benefit from and enjoy. 


So, within this post I’ll not only share some amazing books your child will love to read but also educational books and recommendations we loved and used to get her to read! 


*If you are looking for Toddler and Preschool Books for Kids, I’ve compiled a post on those too! Check them out here:



What books are good for kindergarten?


Some of our very favorite books are ones that spark creativity and imagination in a child. 


Ones that will grow with your children into adulthood. 


Books that we love using for kindergarten are books that teach about something in an early learning manner, books that bring out your child’s imagination, and engage them to want to read more. 


Here is a list of the types of books for kindergarteners: 


  • Books that take a look deeper into a subject (ex. The anatomy of the body)

  • Activity Books

  • Coloring Books with numbers to indicate what to color

  • How things go, work, function.. Books

  • Removable sticker books

  • First reading books

  • Fictional books

  • Games and Puzzle books

  • Early Learning Science (STEM) books

  • Books about history

  • Unicorn Books

  • Early Learning books

  • Fairy Tale books

  • Dinosaur books

  • Transportation books

  • Books about countries

  • The world books

  • Books about space

  • Books about counting

  • Books about sight words

  • Books about learning to read

  • Art and Craft books

  • Books about learning a new skill

  • Books about learning to draw

  • Books about animals

  • Books about Math

  • Books about Literacy

  • Books about Spelling

  • Books about reading

  • Short Story books


What other fun types of books can you think of for kindergarteners?



What books should kindergarteners read?


Books made for kindergarteners (and not just only kindergarten) allow for children to become confident readers. 


I especially love wipe clean books for kindergarteners as these allow for your child to engage with them, learn and use them over and over again. 


My kindergartener loved stickers and still loves them in books.


Stickers to create a story within a book is also a fun way for children to engage with what they are reading. 


There are a set of books by Usborne which I will discuss below in the list of books for kindergarten that we own and absolutely love!


The “My First Reading Library” set of books.


These books tell a story.


On one page it includes BIG text and on the other page, next to it, it includes small text. 


This is so the child reads along with you. The child will read the big text on one side of the book. 


The adult will read the smaller text and so forth throughout the pages. 


The words your kindergartener reads allows for them to read, engage and learn as you read along with them! 


We did this every night before bedtime. This in turn helped my little reader blossom into a reader!



How many sight words should a kindergarten know?


We like to go by the list of Dolch Sight Words. 


My kindergartener at the time knew all of the Pre-Primer and Primer words.


She also knew a few words from the First Grade Sight words list. 


Pre-primer list contains – 40 words

Primer list contains – 52 words 


The Dolce sight words is a list for reference and if your kindergartener doesn’t know all of the words, please don’t worry!


Reading books continuously allows them to learn them at their own pace. 🙂



How do you teach kindergarten sight words?


Read to them!


A lot of reading will allow your kindergartener to become aware of words and in turn learn new words. 


I also create printables and use the Dolch sight word list of Pre-primer and Primer words to create a fun game for my kindergartener was 5 years old! 


Let’s get into the best books for kindergarteners…



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Best Book Gift Ideas for Kindergarten



See Inside your Body

This is an amazing book all about looking inside the body in layman’s terms which is perfect for little learners. The book contains open and close flaps. It is one of our favorite books!



The Magic Breath 

We take this book out when my oldest is having a tough time. It helps her to think positive and calm down. It is one of our favorites as well for mindfulness. 



A light in the Attic

Poetry is one of my very favorite types of books. It is great for kindergarten and all children really. 



Alpha-Phonics – A Primer for Beginning Readers

This is by far a great book for learning to read. It is one of the main books I used in teaching my then 5 year old how to read!



First Encyclopedia of Science

This book is great! We love bringing it out to learn more about microscopic things! 🙂 



My First Reading Library 

This is top 5 in our home!


We read it at night before bed. It is also one of the many books we used to teach my oldest to read! It is great! Cannot stress this enough!



My Reading Library

We loves the My first Reading Library so much, we purchased the My Reading Library. It’s great for Kindergarteners!



How Big is a Million?

Both my girls enjoy this little penguin. How big is 10 or 100 or 1 million? Well, maybe you can see how big 1 million is by checking out this book! 



Our World

Kindergarteners love to learn. This book about our world is perfect for 5 and 6 year olds!



How things work 

If your child is always asking about how things work, this is your book!



The Hare and the Tortoise

A classic! This book is great and teaches about the importance of looks can be deceiving. 



Bob Books Sight Words

This is another one of those book set’s we used in teaching my kindergartener how to read! Along with.. 



Bob Books Beginning Readers

This book set! It worked well in conjunction with the sight words by Bob Books in teaching my 5 year old to learn to read!



The Gingerbread Man

Also a classic! And one we never not read around the holidays! 



Clifford goes to Kindergarten

We love this show! The books are great too and this one is specifically for 4 and 5 year olds!



A Child’s Book of Poems

We take this book out when we want to read some poetry! Its great for children. 



The Children who Loved Books

A great book for children who love to read!



The Magic is Inside You

This book is wonderful to teach about mindfulness of self and positive thinking! 



A Butterfly’s Life

Science books about animals are one’s 5 and 6 year old’s love! This one is wonderful and teaches about the life of a butterfly!



A Little Book of Manners for Young Ladies

This book is all about manners. We own this one and bring it out once in a while to learn about manners for little girls. 



A Little Book of Manners for Young Boys

We don’t own this one as I don’t have boys, but if you have a little boy, this is the boy version!



How Flowers Grow

We are all about learning about nature! My 6 year old loves it! 



Sun, Moon and Stars

Learning about space, the sun and moon, along with the stars is one my 5 year old absolutely enjoyed! She still does!



Little Children’s Pencil and Paper Games

Activity books with games are great for 4 and 6 year olds! This one is cool!




If you enjoyed this list of the best books for 4 and 6 year olds, please share it with your friends and family!



Don’t forget to check out the best book lists for toddlers and the best book lists for preschoolers!


What books are you currently reading with your kindergartener at the moment? I’d love to learn!


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best book gift ideas for kindergarten

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