Apple Pie Spice Play Dough Recipe


apple spice play dough



I love a good play dough recipe, especially when it’s scented like this one! 


Fall scented play doughs are probably my favorite! 


My girls really enjoy them too! They love the different colors, the smells, and the play (of course!) 🙂


Our go to play dough recipe is here. We used this same recipe, but added in a bit of tweaks to it. 


I’ll share what we did below, so definitely keep reading to learn how we made this! 


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green apple pie playdough



How do you make the best Apple Pie Playdough recipe?


There are so many ways you can make playdough!


There are some that have less of one ingredient and more of another. 


Some have other ingredients that others don’t. 


Overall, they’re all different, just like you and I. 


how to make apple pie playdough


So, there really is not just one best playdough recipe, but many different best types of playdough in made in all different ways for all types of seasons and categories! 


This specific one includes a bit spices to it which add really yummy smells. Of course they are optional and not necessary! 


homemade scented playdoh



How to make: Apple Pie Playdough 


Here is a list of the steps I took to create this homemade playdough recipe:


  • Add your dry ingredients into a bowl first: Flour, salt, cream of tartar, apple spice, all spice.

  • playdough with cream of tartarplaydough using flourhow to make scented playdoh recipehomemade scented playdough

  • Then, add your wet ingredients: coconut oil/vegetable oil, vegetable glycerine, food coloring and water.

    playdough how tohow to make scented playdohhow to make scented play doh

  • Mix it all together. how to make scented playdough

  • And… you’ve made play dough! 🙂


easy playdough recipe

Knead it and play with it. 


scented play doh


We used diy stamps made of wooden pieces and recycled bottle caps. 


playdough at home


It was so much fun! 


This is a staple for the Fall season in our home! 



Some common questions about Homemade Playdough … “AKA” FAQ


How do you make homemade playdough without cooking? 


This recipe and others like this one are homemade playdough recipes you can make without cooking! 



What does cream of tartar do for playdough?


It gives the playdough a soft texture keeping it moist which will in turn make your playdough last longer!



How long does it take to make playdough? 


It takes less than 5 minutes if you have all of the ingredients available and ready to go! 


apple spice playdough


Does playdoh expire? 


It does! I’ve actually let my homemade playdough expire before, and it is not a pretty site. I threw the bag away immediately. 


Average time is 6 months. 


I like to store ours for 3 or 4 months max. 


This helps me in never seeing that unpretty sight ever again AND I feel comfortable letting my girls play with it as well! 


So, if you are asking yourself this question, “Does Play Dough go Mouldy?” 


Yes, it can! So 3-4 months max is my go to. 


Plus, I like making new playdough. It’s fun!


apple pie play doh



Do I need cream of tartar for playdough? 


No, you don’t! 


All play dough recipes are different as I mentioned above. 


Here is a recipe I made using Koolaid and it does not include cream of tartar


So, there you have it! If you have any other questions about playdough, please leave them in the comments below this post! 




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