Animal File Folder Games and more for Kids – 126 words Printable


animals and more file folder games




Have you checked out our 110 Colors and word printable


Below, I have a video that shows both the color and animal file folder games together but each are separate printables. 


If you’d like to see our Color printable, you are in for one special treat! Go here


For today, I am going to go more in depth about the Animal File Folder Game. 


This is the sister of the Colors File Folder Games for Kids and can work in conjunction with it. 




How to use the animal sorting folder game


My girls love animals. 


I believe all children do. 


So, it’s only right for them to learn about the world around them and more specifically the animals. 


Not only do we learn about them in real life, but we also love to incorporate an additional set of learning games that incorporate animals into them so we can learn about them at home as well! 


This is where this animal learning game came to life. 


I will be adding in a fun “real animal” printable soon but for now this one is great! 





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  • Download and print the 126 Animals and more File Folder Game 

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Check out the 126 Animals and more File Folder Games Video below:



Get the126 Animals and more Printable here: 

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If you are interested in our 110 Colors and Numbers printable, check it out here




File Folder Games for Homeschool


I love incorporating easy and simple activities such as these when I homeschool my child. 


It is an all in one within a set of folders or better yet – a busy book. 


Not only can these flashcard printables be used in a folder or a busy book but they can be used as flashcards to go through and that is really epic. 


Why is it epic? 


Because it is multi-functional and can be used in so many different ways. 


It can also be used for a differentiated set of ages. 


How cool is that? 


Toddlers can use these within a binder for pointing and calling out the animal/color they see. 


Preschoolers can use these to actually match the cut out piece to the corresponding category and call out the animals/colors they see. 


Kindergarteners can use these to do all toddlers and preschoolers are but they can also use these to figure out the letter sounds of each word, how to write it out and distinguish which letter sounds are in that word! 




Animal File Folder Worksheets plus so much more.. 


This printable not only has animals, but it includes more items.


Here are what this File Folder Game includes: 


  • Exploring Outside File Folder Game

  • Exploring Inside File Folder Game

  • Things That Go File Folder Game

  • Insects File Folder Game

  • Arctic Animals File Folder Game

  • Ocean Animals File Folder Game

  • African Animals File Folder Game

  • Pets File Folder Game

  • Forest Animals File Folder Game

  • Farm Animal File Folder Game

  • Food Items File Folder Game

  • Clothing Items File Folder Game

  • I know my Vegetables File Folder Game

  • I know my Fruits File Folder Game


animals and more file folder games for kids

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