Alphabet Placemats for Early Learning

Alphabet Place Mats



Placemats are a great way for learning about so many things!


They are great for learning about numbers, shapes, colors and the alphabet, like these! 


I wanted to make something simple and straight to the point. So, I used the font I always use and love and included some of my favorite clipart! 


These are great for learning while playing. How can you play while learning with these, you may ask?


Let’s take a deeper look at how we use these alphabet placemats!


If you’re looking for more alphabet fun, check out our Alphabet Clip Cards Printable!



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These are all great manipulatives to use in tracing the letters within the placemats!


Can you think of other fun ones or ones you’ve used with these?


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How to put the Alphabet Placemats Printable together


Print out the Alphabet Placemats printable. You may choose to laminate them which is what we did.


I laminate ours to preserve them longer. This is also great for if you are on the go or on a vacation/trip somewhere.


Another fun way to use these are with Dry Erase Pockets. We used these for quite a while before laminating ours and is a wonderful option.


placemats for toddlers


I always say, this is optional and totally up to you. All three ways will work very well. 


Once the printable is prepped and ready to go, lay them out on the table and your child will play while learning!  



How to use the Alphabet Placemats Printable for Toddlers


These are wonderful for introducing your toddler to the alphabet.


I would stick with A-B-C at first and work your way up from there.  


You can bring out an apple and say the letter sound “a” for a-a-a-apple.


Then, bring out the play dough or pom pom‘s. Your toddler can place them within the letter “A” placemat so they can see how the letter “A” looks!


This is a wonderful way of learning about the letters, letter sounds while playing!


Add these on the bottom of a sensory bag for a fun game of moving the pom poms around to make a letter. 


Use crayons for a fun coloring page so they learn about the letters. You can stick with one letter for about 2 weeks and explore with toys that start with the letter A!


What other fun ways can you think of using these with your toddler?


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How to use the Alphabet Placemats Printable for Preschool


These are wonderful for a more advanced stage such as the preschool stage. 


Preschoolers can engage a little more in depth with these placemats. 


They can sing the abc preschool song and learn about each letter in a limited timeframe. 


Some fun ways they can play and learn with these abc printables is by doing all that toddlers can do and more. 

If you are laminating them or using a dry erase pocket, have them trace them with a dry erase marker for a better pencil grip. 


This will help them in terms of future writing skills.


Does your preschooler love painting? Probably. Every little kid loves to paint. 


Your preschooler can paint between the lines to create a letter. Then, practice calling out the letter name/sound with them!


What other fun ways can you think of using these with your preschooler?


printable for kids placemats



How to use the Alphabet Placemats Printable for Kindergarten


Lastly, these alphabet placemats are wonderful for kindergarteners!


They can learn all that toddlers and preschoolers are learning and more. 


Use playdough, pom poms, wool balls, do-a-dot markers, a pencil… for learning to write/trace the letter. 


Kindergarteners are learning about writing and tracing is a great way to practice their writing skills. 


What other fun ways can you think of using these with kindergarteners?



Will you give this Alphabet Placemats for Early Learning a try?


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Alphabet Place Mats


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