DIY Rainbow Highlighter Marker and FREE Alphabet Match Printable 

diy rainbow highlighter and free learning activity


How to make a DIY rainbow marker, you ask? It’s very simple.


In fact, so simple, you only need a couple of different colored highlighters!

I also added in a fun little bonus for a fun educational twist on little learners who are learning all about the alphabet!


If you’d like to know more about all of this awesomeness, keep reading below.

fun free printable for kids


If you’d like to learn how to make a fun Rainbow Sensory Bottle, check out this post right here. It’s one of our favorites! 



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That’s all! 


rainbow highlighter hack for kids


How to make a Rainbow Highlighter Marker 


This is most likely one of the easiest marker hacks we have ever had to make. All you’ll need is a set of highlighters. 


Grab the yellow highlighter, and 2 of the other colors. 


Open one of the two other colors, and press it on one side of the yellow highlighter. 


Then, open the second of the two other colored highlighters, and press that one onto the opposite side of the yellow highlighter. 


When you are pressing them in, make sure that you are seeing the color seep through to or very close to the bottom of the yellow highlighter. 


The fun part: Now, use your highlighter marker hack on the My Alphabet Match Printable Pack and learn all about the different letters of the alphabet! 


alphabet match for kids


Fun ways to use the rainbow highlighter marker DIY and the Alphabet Match Printable


Practice the letter sounds by calling out the letters as your little one draws them in the printable. 


We set up a fun sensory bin full of rainbow letters (the pair was a match made in heaven) for some learning fun! 


sensory bin alphabet match


Play a game of seek and find with the sensory bin. Once your child finds the letter in the sensory bin, say it’s letter name aloud, and find the letter in the printable. 


seek and find letter game for kids


Then, use your rainbow highlighter to outline the correct letter. 


For a more advanced approach, you can try making words or spelling out your child’s name. 


If you have foam letters, magnet letters, or a fun toy that matches with its first letter name you can also try this awesome learning through play approach. 


What other fun ways can you think about using this DIY rainbow highlighter marker hack?


What other fun ways can you think of using this Freebie Alphabet Match Printable? 


Will you give this DIY Rainbow Highlighter Marker and FREE Alphabet Match Printablea try?


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diy rainbow highlighter and free learning activity


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